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123Movies was one of the most popular sites for streaming latest HD movies for free. In a short period of time, 123Movies gained so much popularity that millions of people were using this site on a regular basis.

It was blocked by many ISPs and Governments around the world, as it was full of pirated movies. Though 123movies didn’t host any movie on their server, still they had to face legal actions from anti-piracy groups.

It’s been a while that the official site is no more. But, still, there are some 123movies proxy sites who have the data of the original 123movies. Which makes it easier to stream movies free.

These 123movies proxy sites were made to make 123Movies Unblocked from anywhere of this world. But, one thing you need to understand that these 123movies proxy sites aren’t like the official one.

The official 123movies was had a large database, faster streaming server and especially the site was updated on a regular basis. So, you have to compromise a little if you want 123movies unblocked.

123Movies Proxy Sites


You can make 123movies unblocked using these 123movies proxy sites. But, still, you need to take care of your privacy. Because 123movies proxy sites are full of pirated content and may be illegal in your country. So, you should secure yourself first.

Use a VPN

Your safety is more valuable than the entertainment. So, it’s better to stay safe first. It’s very wise to use a VPN while you visit 123movies proxy sites. Because, a VPN make you anonymous and no one will be able to trace you.

You can buy a premium VPN or use a free VPN to make 123movies unblocked. Then again, you can install VPN in your device , or you can use a VPN extension in your browser.

Use a proxy server

As 123movies proxy sites are offering movie streaming, a good way to protect your privacy using a proxy server. A proxy server helps you to connect to a site anonymously.

There are some free proxy servers like proxysite.com or filterbypass.me which could be used to visit these proxy sites anytime without worrying about privacy.

123Movies Alternatives

If you are not happy with 123movies proxy sites, you can use some 123movies alternatives, who offers free movie streaming. There are some renowned streaming sites:

  • fmovies.to – It’s a very popular free movie streaming sites. Along with latest movies, It also has a wide range of TV series.
  • Yesmovies.to – YesMovies is a very fast movie streaming site. Even if you have a slow internet connection, you will be able to stream movies or TV series.


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