1337x Proxy Sites List of 2019


If you ask me to name the overall best torrent site in 2018, I would name 1337x. It’s visually appealing, well structured, trusted and one of the oldest torrent sites of all time.

Not only the most appealing look, but also millions of active torrents make it great. It’s a well-managed torrent site where you can easily get your favorite torrents by visiting the categories.

Recent movies, games, TV shows, tons of software, and thousands of active users, this is all you need from a torrent site. And, to be honest, the active users of 1337x attracted me perfectly.

You can just make a search for anything and literally, you will find dozens of verified torrents. And, the download speed is obviously faster.

How could you expect that your government may not ban one of the biggest torrent sites in your country? Wondering why you are unable to access 1337x?

Don’t worry. In this article, I will clear every doubt of your mind. Like all other giant torrent sites, 1337x also have tons of pirated content. Which is illegal according to the law.

I can’t access 1337x

So, it’s normal that you are unable to access this wonderful site from your home or school. There are many reasons. Let me explain them to you:

  • Maybe this site is banned in your country.
  • Or, maybe your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocked this site.
  • Maybe your Network firewall stopping you to access 1337x.
  • Maybe the site is down.

What should I do then?

You can do a lot of things to access 1337x and that is what I am going to show you. The first thing we will try is the official domains of 1337x. It has several official domains. If one is blocked, you may try another.

But, make sure you have an ad blocker installed in your browser because there are tons of pop-under ads in the site.

Official domains of 1337x

  • 1337x.to (main domain)
  • 1337x.st (Active since Oct. 2017)
  • x1337x.ws (Active since Dec. 2017)
  • x1337x.eu (Active since Mar. 2018)
  • x1337x.se (Active since May. 2018)

If one of these domains works, brace yourself. You did it perfectly. But, don’t panic if the URLs didn’t work. As they are the official URL, there is a chance that they are also blocked in your region or your ISP blocked them especially.

Now what?

So, the original URLs didn’t work? Can’t you access 1337x anymore? Surely you can. You can use 1337x proxy sites, or you can use an online proxy server to access the original 1337x.

What you need to know about a proxy server

 A proxy server is a common door between you and the site you want to access. Your ISP can stop you from a site they have blocked a site. But, when you access the site through a proxy server, they won’t be able to stop you.

Because, when you access a site through a proxy server, you actually don’t do visit that site yourself. The proxy site collects data and sends request instead of you.

Simple, you order the proxy server to go, it goes and returns with an output. It is the easiest way to access 1337x even all the original domains are blocked in your area.

I can suggest you some pretty good free proxy servers, which are fast, easy to use and secure enough.

What if the proxy server doesn’t work smoothly? Is there another way? Yes, there is, let’s know more.

1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites

1337x proxy sites are the carbon copy of the original 1337x. They have different URLs, but they share exact same content like the original 1337x. These proxy sites are a great savior.

Because, they are dozens in number, and, ISPs don’t block them normally. And, you can easily access these 1337x proxy sites without any technical steps. Here is a list of 1337x proxy & mirror sites:

https://1337x.unblockall.org/Very fast
https://1337x.unblocker.cc/Very fast
https://1337x.unblocker.win/Very fast
Proxysite EUVery fast
Proxysite USFast
Hideme proxyFast

Let’s try a VPN

If the proxy sites are also down or not active enough, then we have only one way to access 1337x. That is with the help of a VPN. Here, by a VPN, I mean a pretty good VPN.

You can use a browser extension to visit 1337x. But. It isn’t safe enough. Because it only protects you when you are within the browser. But, when you are downloading content using a torrent client, they will be of no work to you.

So, if you want full privacy, great browsing speed, and military grade encryption, there is no other way than using a premium VPN.

Because paid VPNs allows you to choose between hundreds of servers in different countries, some of the VPN providers have special servers for torrenting and they don’t keep any log of your activities.

So, I would suggest you buy a VPN if you can afford it. Or, you can use a browser extension or a proxy server to access 1337x, it will protect you a little bit.

Using TOR Browser

They have a  .onion version of their site, which exists in the TOR network and not accessible via normal browsers. You can also visit the original 1337x without any VPN or proxy servers.

Because TOR browser can unblock any blocked site in any region without any VPN.

But experts don’t recommend torrenting over TOR, because it is not safe enough.

I hope you will find your solution before reaching the TOR-based way, if everything fails, then TOR is the last ray of hope.

Final words: I hope you enjoyed this article and learned the various way of unblocking a blocked site. You can comment below and let me know about your experience and you can also share this article with your friends so that they can also access 1337x anytime from anywhere.


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