Best Torrent Sites & Search Engines 2019

the pirate bay

It’s really tough to make a list of best torrent sites in recent days. Because it’s a tough time for torrent sites. Every month they face several problems. Such as downtime, lawsuits, blah, blah!

But, still there are some awesome torrent sites which are still in service and you can use them anytime for your purposes. A single site is never enough for all sorts of content. Some sites are famous for movies, while a few are famous for games, and a few sites are also famous for anime and TV shows.

After using dozens of torrent sites, I came up with this list of the torrenting sites you can use in 2019. I will mention a special feature of every site I am going to mention in my list.

Best Torrent Sites & Search Engines for 2019 aka Yify movies is currently the most popular torrent site for downloading high-quality movies in as less size as possible. It provides a torrent file for every movie and it has a wide range of movie collection. It has 720p, 1080p, 3D, Blu-Ray films, which attracts millions of people every day. And, it’s growing insanely now. You will see any trending movie on their homepage. Quality, Quantity and user experience, everything is perfect.

You can browse all the latest movies, or you can request your favorite movies. The most interesting facts about Yify movies is that all of their files are working fine. No broken links, no low-quality videos.

According to similarweb, they are getting more than 110 million monthly traffic and 75% of the visitors visits the site directly. It clearly describes the popularity of yify movies.


  • High-quality movies
  • No sign-up required
  • Nice user interface

The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay

The Pirate Bay is the largest torrent site in the BitTorrent community, which is the most popular & trusted torrent site. The Pirate Bay faced dozens of legal lawsuits, they were taken offline, their servers were seized, but, they fought back and returned more powerfully.

Though the design is very simple and you can’t get the best of it from recent torrents or categorized torrents. You have to search for your desired torrent name, and, then you can see the most popular results.

You may remember that there are tons of fake torrents in The Pirate Bay, and you may be a victim of fake torrent. So, experts suggest to download torrents from VIP member who has a green skull icon beside their username. Verified torrents are risk free and truly contains what it tells in the title.


  • The largest torrent site
  • Everything is available
  • Easy to use & ad-blocker friendly

1337x to

1337x, one of the most popular name in the torrents world. It’s one of the oldest and most trusted torrent sites of all time. It has a nice user interface, millions of torrents and it’s very easy to use.

It’s a very need and clean torrent site. They have category links on their homepage. One can simply search for a torrent or they can visit by categories. Inside every category, you will have options to sort by, it’s a very useful feature.

All of their categories are fulfilled with tons of hit torrents. All of the trending movies/TV shows/Apps/games are available on 1337x. The most popular category of this site is Movie. Thousands of people are always downloading movies from this site.

According to similarweb, they have more than 100 million monthly traffic, and 83% of them enter into the site directly.

1337x to Analytics


  • Verified torrents
  • Neat & clean, Easy to use
  • Millions of torrents search engine

Torrentz2 Search Engine

Torrentz2 is not like other torrent sites. It’s a torrent search engine. That means whenever you search for anything, it collects data from other sites, as like Google. Torrentz2 started when the official Torrentz search engine stopped their service.

It collects data from 91 torrent sites and they have more than 61 million torrents indexed. One can easily get all trending torrents on torrentz2. You have to search for whatever you want, then you enter into a search result, then you will see a list of a dozen sites from where you can simply download the file.

You can sort your search results and they have verified torrents too in their results. You can simply visit the myTorrentz page, where you will find all popular categorized torrents from every category.

According to similarweb, they have more than 40 millions monthly users, and 75% of them visit the site directly.

Torrentz2 eu Analytics


  • Easy to use
  • Ad-blocker friendly
  • Fast enough


Limetorrents is one of the largest torrent sites of all time with multi million torrents, not only one of the biggest but also one of the most popular torrent sites of all time. Limetorrents is blocked in various modern countries, where people won’t be able to browse the site directly.

Thousands of torrents are being uploaded on a regular basis. There are both verified and unverified torrents on Limetorrents, verified torrent files has a star icon beside their name, and, verified torrents means no need to worry about fake torrents.

There are several categories on Limetorrents, all of the categories are full of thousands of torrents. Their homepage contains popular torrents from all categories.


  • Easy to use
  • Millions of torrents
  • Every category is enriched.



Nobody loves fake torrents. And, there are no fake torrents on Torlock. Only verified torrents can be found on this site. They offer $1/fake torrent, if you can find any. But, fortunately, all torrents are real. Torlock is mostly used by people for movies and TV shows. Because, these 2 categories seems more crowded than the others.

Torlock has 5 million verified torrents and very easy to use. Anyone can use this torrent site very easily. It’s well-decorated, ad-blocker friendly, no extra links. Torlock is also blocked in various countries, so, if you can’t access Torlock, you may try using a VPN or proxy server.


  • Verified torrents
  • Tons of torrents
  • Ad-blocker friendly

Kickass Torrents


KickassTorrents is a very well-known torrent site which was taken down back in 2016 and its founder was arrested. But, the journey of KickassTorrents didn’t stop. S group of people started the new journey of Kickass with a new domain name, which is still serving the people.

Kickass Torrents is a great site to find trending torrents or whatever you like. Simply you can search and get anything on this site. Do this new version of KAT really works great? Yes, it works.


  • Trending torrents
  • Lots of torrents
  • Ad-blocker friendly


Extratorrent is one of the oldest torrent site which was launched in 2006. Till then, it has became a valuable asset to the community. Because, extratorrent is easy to use and easy to find anything. It’s a free torrent site which doesn’t need registration to use.

Extratorrent has a well-designed homepage which has popular torrents from recently uploaded stuffs. Or, one can search for a torrent name or browse categories to download whatever they want.


  • Huge amount of torrents
  • Easy to use


Skytorrents is a torrent search engine with over 20 million indexed torrents. You can get literally anything from this site. Just search by a name, the download from top results.

And, you are running out of ideas? Don’t know what to download? Ok, just visit their top 100 torrents page, which has all trending torrents. It has a very simple design, which is user friendly and it’s easy to download torrents from skytorrents.


  • Millions torrent
  • Super fast site
  • ad-blocker friendly

AIO Search

AIO Search will only show you AIO search is a torrent search engine which is very advanced and indexes torrents from dozens of torrent sites. Before searching anything, you can select the sites you want. AIO Search will only show you results from selected sites.

But, most interesting thing is that you can download torrents from AIO search even without visiting the source site. It offers very fast downloading and it’s the best torrent search engine you may visit right now.


  • Advanced search
  • Easy to use
  • Fast downloading


IBit is a growing torrent site which is very easy to use, well-designed and they have a variety of torrents. Their homepage is filled with popular torrents from all categories. Along with that, they offer searching for torrents.

The site itself is very decent and you will get super downloading speed if you download something from Ibit. There are thousands of results for a search query. Simply you search for a movie or app, you will get thousands of results.


  • Smooth user interface
  • Tons of torrents
  • Fast downloading

Torrent Download

Torrent Download is a new entry while compared to other popular sites. But, it has a decent amount of torrents. It has movies, music, anime, software, books, etc. Like many other sites, their homepage is decorated with trending torrents from all categories.

But, the most popular categories are movies, apps, and games. If you visit their top torrents page, you will see that the page is full of software and games along with some popular movies.


  • Tons of torrents
  • Great user experience

Torrent Funk

Torrentfunk started their journey in 2011, But, within a few years it became one of the best torrent sites and gained so much popularity. Torrentfunk has both verified torrents and unverified torrents. It has a total of 11.5 million torrents, among them 3.5 million torrents are verified.

The reason behind this insane popularity is high quality torrents, and quantity. It’s very easy to find what you are looking for. You can either choose from tending torrents on homepage, or browse categories or simply search by a name.


  • Huge torrents
  • Super fast
  • Quality and verified torrents



What is EZTV? Well, EZTV is a dedicated torrent site for TV series. No big deal, only TV series. They have hundreds of TV series with all episodes. There are tons of top torrent sites, but EZTV is both dedicated and popular. It has millions of users across the globe.

And, they recently changed their domain from to, because the old domain was blocked in various countries. It’s a public site where registration isn’t necessary to download files. But, anyone can create a free user account to join their forum.

As only EZTV authorities upload torrents, so the torrents are verified and there is no fake torrents on EZTV.


  • TV series based
  • Tons of content
  • Verified torrents is a pretty impressive torrent search engine, which is very neat & clean and very easy to use. offer searching for torrents among dozens of torrent sites. One can select a famous torrent site from the list, then search for anything on that particular site.

Such as, if you select The Pirate Bay, and search for anything, will show you results from the pirate bay. Then, you can download torrents, without even visiting the original site. So, works great as a torrent such engine and as well as a proxy site.

Don’t know what’s trending nowadays? homepage has a graph of trending keywords. You can configure the search settings while searching on It’s like another search engine, but it indexes only torrent sites.


  • Works great
  • Has a large database
  • Index from hundreds of torrent sites



But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have other categories. Like any other torrent site, they have Anime, Apps, Games, Music, along with TV series and movies. And, each of the categories are updated. They have active torrents and Zooqle offers direct download or magnet download.

Zooqle, you can call it a torrent site or search engine, whatever you want. It has almost 4 million verified torrents. Like torlock, it’s full of verified torrents. Zooqle is mostly popular for movies and TV series. They have 176k TV show episodes, 39 k movies.


  • 4 million torrents
  • Verified torrents
  • All categories are crowded

How to stay safe while browsing top torrent sites?

“Don’t downloading anything without a VPN”, it’s a common warning in most of the torrent sites. But, what does that mean to you? Well, it means a lot to you.

When you normally browse the internet, you your location & IP address which is public. That means a particular site can know your location & IP, along with that your ISP can trace your browsing activity as you are browsing directly.

Which is OK if you are watching YouTube or browsing Facebook. But, while torrenting, it’s not ok. Because, torrent sites are full of pirated content. That’s why they are banned in various countries. May be they are blocked too in your country.

And, if a site is blocked in your country, you should visit the site smartly so that the government or ISP can’t trace your activity and you can stay safe from any legal actions.

There are several ways to visit torrent sites safely. You can use a proxy server or a VPN to encrypt your browsing activity and stay safe.

Use a VPN

You can use a VPN to browse torrent sites. This is highly recommended. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN enables you to connect to a virtual server, transfer your bandwidth through the server and encrypt your traffic.

Simply to say, if you connect to a VPN, you will get a fake IP & Location, and, you can access the internet with that virtual IP & location while keeping your original IP & location safe.

There are both paid and free VPNs out there. But, I will highly recommend you to buy a premium VPN. Because, free VPNs are slow and less feature enriched.

So, what’s your opinion? According to you, which one is the best torrent site and which one is the best torrent search engine? Drop a comment below and let me know.


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