Extratorrent proxy 2019 – Extratorrent Unblocked


Extratorrent went down with a notice that they were going down forever and all files will be permanently deleted from the servers. Along with the original site all mirror sites will be deleted too.

But, then again, a new extratorrent domain started their journey as the alternative of real extratorrent. That domain is extratorrent.ag, which is widely popular and millions of pepole are visiting this Extratorrent domain.

As it is popular, there is a chance that the doimain might be blocked by your ISP. But, don’t worry. If you are not able to access extratorrent, there might be something wrong, either with the site or your ISP.

But, who did governments banned Extratorrent? Because, Extratorrent is one of the best torrent sites, and it has tons of pirated movies, games, etc. As piracy is illegal according to law, that’s why Extratorrent is banned in many countries.

But, it’s impossible to block Extratorrent proxy sites, because they are dozens in numbers. Not only extratorrent proxy sites but also you can access the original Extratorrent site with a VPN or a free proxy server. We will talk about that later in this artticle.

Extratorrent Proxy Sites- Extratorrent unblocked

If you want to unblock Extratorrent without any VPN or third party tool, you can use Extratorrent proxy sites. Because, these proxy sites are the carbon copy of original extratorrent site. They share the data from the original site but the domain name is different. That’s why it’s kinda impossible to block Extratorrent mirrors.

Extratorrent ProxySpeed

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But, these proxy sites are not the only way to access Extratorrent. There are some other ways to unblock Extratorrent.

Use a VPN to visit Extratorrent

You can use a VPN to browse Extratorrent from wherever you are. And, it’s a very good practice to use a VPN while browsing torrent sites, because a VPN hides your original IP & Location so that you can anonymously browse the internet.

There are both free and paid VPN. I will highly recommend you to use a paid VPN. Because, premium VPN is secure, faster and feature enriched. You can also use a VPN as a browser extension in Google Chrome or Firefox.

Use a Proxy Server

Proxy server helps you to browse any site anonymously. You can easily use a free proxy server to access Extratrrent. Proxy servers helps you to choose the server location so that you can hide your real location and browse the internet with a fake one.

There are dozens of proxy servers. But, i mostly use some of these proxy servers:

  • Proxysite.com
  • Filtervypass.me
  • Hide.me/en/proxy/

Extratorrent Alternatives

Still not happy with the Extratorrent proxy sites? Don’t worry then. There are tons of Extratorrent alternatives you can use right away. Though Extratorrent is one of the best torrent sites, there are some simply awesome torrenting sites.

YTS.am aka Yify Movies

Are you a movie freak? Then you can use Yify movies as an Extratorrent alternative. Because, currently Yify movies is getting hundreds of million visitors every month, because of its quality and quantity.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is undoubtedly the best torrent site. It’s older, it’s trusted and it’s easy to use. And, The Pirate Bay is the largest site in BitTorrent network. And, if you aren’t feeling good with Extratorrent proxy sites, you must try The Pirate Bay.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrents is another renowned name in BitTorrent world. It was taken down back in 2016, the founder was also arrested. But, after a few days, some people started new Kickass with a new domain. It’s still online and popular among the torrent users.


1337x is also a old name like The Pirate Bay. It is very popular for it’s quantity of torrents, nice user interface and user experience. 1337x is well-maintained and anybody could use the site very easily and get what they want.


You have couple of options. First of all, you can use Extratorrent proxy & mirror sites, or you can use a VPN or proxy server to access the original Extratorrent site, or you can use Extratorrent alternatives.

Note: This post is only for educational purposes.


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