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EZTV Proxy Sites can help you to unblock EZTV from anywhere of this world. EZTV is a dedicated torrent site for downloading TV series. It’s a very popular torrenting site with thousands of episodes. EZTV only provides verified torrents as only the admin panel uploads torrent on this site.

EZTV only seeds popular torrents, which means if a torrent doesn’t perform well, they won’t seed it. EZTV has an old school design which is easier for anyone to use the site. As EZTV is the most popular platform for TV series, there shouldn’t be any doubt that EZTV is blocked in many countries. Recently they have also changed their primary domain.

EZTV has a forum where members can discuss about the site and torrents. Members can sincerely request for any TV series. EZTV has a bunch of TV series. Almost all popular TV series is available to this site. EZTV is blocked in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and some other countries.

Why can’t I visit EZTV?

If you can’t access EZTV, there could be several reasons. But no matter what is the reason, you can easily unblock EZTV if you have some EZTV proxy sites or if you know how to unblock a site. Here are some common reason why you won’t be able to visit EZTV.

  • It is blocked in your country because your Govt. banned this site.
  • Your ISP is blocked the site as it has copyrighted materials.
  • Your network firewall preventing you to visit the site.

But, there are some common method used by people these days to unblock blocked sites. If you know how to unblock one site, you can unblock everything within a few minutes.

  • Use a VPN. (The safest method)
  • Use a proxy server (It depends)
  • Use mirror & proxy sites (easier)

EZTV Proxy Sites

EZTV Proxy SitesSpeed

EZTV Proxy sites are the copy of original EZTV. You can use these proxy sites from almost anywhere. Because proxy sites are hard to block as they are too many.

Use a Proxy Server to unblock EZTV

There are some difference between EZTV Proxy sites and proxy server. EZTV Proxy sites are the copy of real EZTV, while a proxy server helps us to access any website with a fake IP & location which is good for privacy.

There are various free anonymous proxy servers out there. You can simply choose a fake location, and use any site using that server. But, what you need to know is how to use a proxy site wisely.

What does that mean? Well, it means choosing the proxy server location wisely. If you want to access EZTV, you must not choose a USA server as EZTV is blocked in USA.

There are several proxy sites. But, some of t;hem are very fast, secure & easy to use. Here are some top proxy servers.

  • proxysite.com
  • filterbypass.me
  • hide.me/en/proxy

The most impressive feature of a proxy server is that you can use any proxy site of a site or the site itself directly from your web browser & you can stay secure.

Use a VPN to unblock EZTV

It’s the easiest and safest method. And, it’s very easy to use a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which enables you to connect to a virtual server & change your IP and location.

There is VPN for everything. You can install a VPN in your smartphone, computer or in your web browser. Some of the VPNs are free and some of them are premium. Premium VPNs has some powerful features than free VPNs.

In a free VPN, there is limited number of servers. On the other hand, premium VPNs have tons of servers and they are very fast. We will recommend you to install the VPN in your device than installing it on your browser.

Because browser extensions will only protect you while using the web browser. But, installing it to your device will protect you while browsing or downloading anything from a torrent site.

Note: This post is only for educational purpose.


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