Unblock KAT with Kickass Proxy sites – Ultimate Guide

Kickass torrents(KAT)

Kickass Torrents, which is also known as KAT, was founded back in 2008. Within a short period of time, it became one of the best torrent sites of all time, because of its quality torrents.

You can expect to have all the latest staff in KAT. It gained popularity, trust, and mostly a name. And, along with that kickass torrents was noticed by the government, and they have received multiple legal notices, because of pirated content.

But they didn’t stop. That’s why governments of different countries across the globe banned KAT in their country. Tons of ISPs also blocked this torrent site to prevent the public from accessing KAT.

Though the original KAT is no longer available because of lawsuits, still there are some carbon copies of kickass torrents serving the community. You can better call them Kickass Proxy sites.

It’s better to have something than nothing. You may not get the same service as the original KAT from this proxy sites, but they are also helpful and popular.

The Reason You can’t access the KAT

If you are not able to access the current version of Kickass Torrents (KickassTorrents.to), which is actually on and serving the community, then there might be several causes.

  • First thing first, Kickass torrents aka Kat might be blocked by your government, there are several countries, from where you can’t access KAT directly.
  • If your government didn’t ban the site, then it must be your ISP who did that. There are tons of ISPs who don’t let their users browse these famous torrent sites.
  • And, last but not least, these popular torrent sites face several downtimes in a month because of heavy traffic load or technical problem. So, make sure that the site is up while you are trying to access them.

Well, if the Kickass torrents is up and you are unable to access it, then let’s move forward and know the way to access this wonderful torrent site.

Though Kickass torrents don’t have official proxy sites, still there are dozens of KAT proxy available and they are pretty well. Those sites are managed by KAT lovers and proxy sites let us access the KAT from anywhere, anytime.

What is a proxy server?

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A proxy server works as a gateway between you and the server of the site you want to visit. Suppose, Facebook is blocked in your region. And, you can’t browse it from your location.

Then, you visit an online proxy server and type the URL and hit Go. Hurrah, you can see the homepage of FB.

But, how did this happen? Well, whenever you request to visit a site through a proxy server, you don’t connect to the server directly. Instead of you, the proxy server connects with the original server with different location and IP than you.

Then, the proxy server collects data from the real server and show them in front of you. In this way, with a proxy server, you can unblock any blocked site within seconds.

There are several proxy servers which are free to use, like sitenable.asia, proxysite.com, filterbypass.me. Just put the URL, select the country of the server and hit enter. And, you are done.

What is Kickass Proxy & Mirror sites

Proxy means doing the same work with something else than what should be sued. KAT proxy site is the exact xerox copy of original Kickass Torrents. They share the same content as the real KAT, in most cases, the design is almost the same.

But, as they are not taking any money from you, they use some cryptocurrency miner, which is a browser-based miner which uses your CPU to mine cryptocurrencies. So, I would recommend you to use a Google Chrome extension named “minerBlock”, which will block those miners and you will be able to browse KAT smoothly.

Kickass Proxy for unblocked KAT

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Free Proxy
KAT Proxy

If you are still in trouble? Go for a VPN

If online proxy servers fails to take you to the Kickass torrents homepage, if most of the proxies are not working, if you aren’t getting much active users or torrents you need in most of the proxy sites, you can easily use a VPN and browse the most popular KAT which is up by now, KickassTorrents.to.

Do I need a VPN, if I already got a working proxy?

I will always suggest you to using a Good VPN while accessing torrent sites. Because, almost all torrent site s has pirated content, which is illegal to share or download according to law.

So, you might be aware of your privacy while browsing a torrent site. Always use a VPN for your own privacy & safety. A Good VPN will encrypt your browsing data and nobody will be able to trace your activity.

What do I mean by a good VPN?

Should you use the free VPN? Or, a freemium VPN? Well, truth need to be said. I would always suggest you to use a premium VPN while torrenting. Because, they are super-fast, encrypted, secured and they support torrenting.

On the other hand, free VPNs aren’t that fast and you don’t have enough option to choose. And, free VPNs are not so secure. So, while it’s about privacy, go for the best possible solution. Buy a premium VPN.

And, if you are buying a VPN for torrenting, make sure you get 3 features.

  • Tons of servers across the globe
  • Supports torrenting.
  • Keeps no log of your activity.


Final words:

I hope, you won’t have to look for more solutions after reading this detailed guide. Basically, you can unblock any blocked site using a proxy server or a VPN. It’s easy as ABCD. So, comment below and let me know if you unblocked Kickasstorrents successfully.


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