KickAss Proxy List & KAT Mirror Sites

Kickass torrents(KAT)

Kickass Torrents also known as KAT is one of the best torrent sites of all time. It’s one of the oldest and trusted torrent directory too. Although it has a search bar for searching torrents.

It was all good till 2016, when their founder was arrested by the FBI and the site was taken offline. But, time spent and a few KAT staffs started the Kickass Torrents again with their old design, but in a new domain.

It did not get that popularity like the old one, but still, there are tons of Kickass Proxy sites available on the internet. The new Kickass Torrents is also banned in many regions. But, as there are so many KAT proxy sites, it’s impossible to block them all.

When to use KAT Proxy sites?

You should only use KAT proxy sites, only and only if you can’t access the new Kickass Torrents domain which is It might be blocked by your ISP.

But, Kickass proxy sites pull the data for you from the site and show the results on their own site. So that you won’t have to visit the Kickass Site to download something.

But, before browsing any of these Kickass Proxy sites, I highly recommend you to use an ad-blocker, because some of them contain malicious ads. As KAT proxy sites aren’t maintained by the official team, so you should take care of your privacy.

Kickass Proxy Sites List of 2019

We found these Kickass Proxies from Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. All of them works great, even with an ad-blocker installed.

Hide me
Free Proxy
KAT Proxy

If you are still in trouble? Go for a VPN

If online proxy servers fails to take you to the Kickass torrents homepage, if most of the proxies are not working, if you aren’t getting much active users or torrents you need in most of the proxy sites, you can easily use a VPN and browse the most popular KAT which is up by now,

Do I need a VPN, if I already got a working proxy?

I will always suggest you to using a Good VPN while accessing torrent sites. Because, almost all torrent site s has pirated content, which is illegal to share or download according to law.

So, you might be aware of your privacy while browsing a torrent site. Always use a VPN for your own privacy & safety. A Good VPN will encrypt your browsing data and nobody will be able to trace your activity.

What do I mean by a good VPN?

Should you use the free VPN? Or, a freemium VPN? Well, truth need to be said. I would always suggest you to use a premium VPN while torrenting. Because, they are super-fast, encrypted, secured and they support torrenting.

On the other hand, free VPNs aren’t that fast and you don’t have enough option to choose. And, free VPNs are not so secure. So, while it’s about privacy, go for the best possible solution. Buy a premium VPN.

And, if you are buying a VPN for torrenting, make sure you get 3 features.

  • Tons of servers across the globe
  • Supports torrenting.
  • Keeps no log of your activity.

Final words:

I hope, you won’t have to look for more solutions after reading this detailed guide. Basically, you can unblock any blocked site using a proxy server or a VPN. It’s easy as ABCD. So, comment below and let me know if you unblocked Kickasstorrents successfully.



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