Unblocked Limetorrents proxy & Mirror sites in 2019


Limetorrents, a torrent site which was founded back in 2009, became so popular that right now it’s one of the best torrent sites of 2018. There is a simple reason behind this popularity.

Instead of focusing on only movies/games or TV shows, limetorrents provides active torrents for every category. In maximum torrent sites except for movie and TV series category, there aren’t much active torrent or other categories.

But, that is where limetorrents is different. Their every category is crowded and thousands of users are always online. Limetorrents take care of their user, so they show only verified torrents in their homepage. There is no need to worry about fake torrents or malware while you download something from limetorrents.

But, it is not uncommon that such a big and popular torrent site will not get the attention by the anti-piracy groups and the governments of various countries. Recently they changed their domain name from limetorrents.cc to limetorrents.info.

In many modern countries, the government banned this site along with other famous torrent sites. If this site is blocked, then generally it wouldn’t be possible to access this awesome site.

If you are one of those who can’t access the limetorrents and if you are looking for a solution, this post is only for them. I will discuss the possible reason why you are unable to access limetorrents and the ways to unblock limetorrents from anywhere.

Why Can’t I access Limetorrents?

If you are not able to visit limetorrents, then there might be something wrong. But, there is a reason for every problem. Let’s think about it:

  •  Your government banned this in your country to protect copyright law.
  • Your ISP especially blocked this site to avoid legal action.
  • Your network firewall is stopping you.
  • The site is down for some reason.

But, don’t worry. Doesn’t matter whatever the problem is, I am going to tell you the ways which will solve every problem.

Note: Before browsing torrent sites or their mirror sites, I will highly recommend you to use an adblocker to avoid shitty ads.

Limetorrents proxy and Mirror Sites

Limetorrents proxy and mirror sites are the xerox copy of the main limetorrents, they are using the same design, same content as the original one. In a line, they are the actual limetorrents with different domain names. Though they are not handled by limetorrents team, you can use these limetorrents proxies anytime without any serious issue.

Very fast
Very fast
Very fast
Very fast
Very fast
Very fast
Very fast
Very fast
Very fast

Use an online proxy server

A proxy server is a dealer between you and the server you try to visit. People use these online proxy servers to access blocked sites from their region. What is the work of an online proxy server?

Source: Wikipedia

If you try to access the blocked site without any proxy, the firewall will stop you. But, you can use a proxy server, because they are not blacklisted in the firewall. And, from a proxy server, you can visit any blocked site just by entering the URL of the site.

And, the proxy server will send requests and receive responses for you. And, your browsing history will be encrypted. And, this way you will be able to access limetorrents, because our network firewall will notice that you are using the proxy server, not the limetorrents.

Because you send requests to the proxy server to connect to the server of limetorrents, the proxy server do so and shows you the output. So, the proxy server is doing everything, you are safe in this way.

But, not all proxy sites are fast and smooth enough. So, you can use limetorrents proxy sites to avoid slow speed.

Hey, wait! Use a VPN

Using a VPN will automatically unblock limetorrents for you unless you are trying to connect to the server of a country, where limetorrents is blocked. But, I would always suggest you use a VPN, while you are browsing limetorrents or any other torrent sites.

Because, different countries have different laws about copyright. It’s always better to protect your privacy while you browse a site full of pirated content.

I would suggest, you better buy any premium VPN, which doesn’t cost much, but super useful to hide your browsing log from your ISP and GOVT. Free VPNs are not so secure and they don’t have enough fast servers. And, some of them don’t support torrenting.

Once you have a VPN, you can be safe and browse and download as many torrents you can. Be happy, Stay secure and share this post with your friends, so that they can also unblock limetorrents.


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