Unblocked Yify Proxy sites to access YTS

Yify torrents

If you are a movie lover, then Yify torrents aka YTS is a blessing for you. Currently, it is the most popular site for downloading free movies. Not only you, but millions of people also use Yify torrents every day just for downloading movies.

You will get almost all recent blockbusters in Yify torrents. And, they don’t host the file in their server or third-party hosts. They share the torrent files of a movie, which is a very secure way of sharing files.

But, it’s common for such a giant site to get the attraction of the governments, because of its pirated content. They keep changing their URL just to serve the community and save their site from the govt.

So, whenever you want to use Yify torrents or Yify proxy sites, I will highly recommend you to use a premium VPN, just to protect your privacy. There are many countries, where browsing pirated sites are not a big deal.

But, in many countries, the govt is very strict about copyright laws. So, you should always think about your privacy, and a premium VPN subscription for a year doesn’t cost that much.

And, most importantly, don’t forget to use an ad blocker before browsing any torrent sites including Yify torrents, because, there are dozens of ads. They will open in every click. So, don’t forget this.

What is Yify torrents

It’s the one and only site which is ruling the world of pirated movies. Doesn’t matter you download a movie from a torrent site or from one of the free movie sites, there is a chance that the movie was originally downloaded from Yify torrents.

They are very famous right now and getting millions of monthly visitors. There are several reasons for being that much popular.

First of all, most of the torrent sites or free movie download sites have old school design and they are similar in various ways. But, whenever you enter into Yify torrents, the visual appearance will blow your mind.

Unique and premium design attracts everyone and makes you feel special when you browse the site.

And, you might be thinking does the design matter? Well, I know the design is not everything. But it can differentiate a site from others.

Now, let’s talk about their service. They are mainly famous for their high-quality movies in the less size. Most of their 720p movies are within 700MBs.  Along with 720p movies, they have 1020p movies, 3D movies. So much option is not available in any other site.

And, all of their torrent files work really well. And, most importantly there is no fake torrent file and you can download any movie without fear. Along with high-quality movies, they also have a huge collection of both latest and old movies.

You can just search for a movie and download the torrent file of it. It’s so simple and easy to use. If you don’t find your desired movie, you can simply make a request for uploading that specific movie.

One more thing, if you are not a native Englishman, then don’t worry. Yify torrents also have a site for subtitles. Which is called yifysubtitles. Where you will get every subtitle for each and every movie which exists in Yify torrents.

There are subtitles in various languages. You can easily download any subtitle according to your need.

YTS is not the original Yify torrents which were it before. Yify torrents faced many legal issues that they had to discontinue their service. But, Yify fans rebranded the community named YTS and became more popular and better than ever.

Still, the YTS has the attention of anti-piracy groups and govt. Several domain names were sieged. But they didn’t stop their journey. They changed their domain name and came back more powerfully.

But, I can’t access Yify torrents

OK, there’s no need to worry if you are unable to access YIFY torrents, the most popular site for downloading free movies. But, still, there are many ways to access this site. You can use these methods to unblock Yify.

Use a proxy server to unblock Yify

This is the commonly used method to access any blocked site. There are several free proxy servers are available for free. Proxy server hides your original IP & location and helps you to access any site.
The proxy server will encrypt your browsing history and your ISP won’t be able to monitor your activity. There are several free proxy sites, such as https://proxysite.com, https://filterbypass.me, https://sitenable.asia.

Yify Proxy & Mirror Sites

There are some YIFY proxy sites, which are the carbon copy of the original YTS. They share the same content as the YTS. So, you can access YTS through the proxy sites without using any software or proxy servers.

https://www1.yify.is/Very fast
Yify proxyVery fast
Yify proxyFast
Yify proxyVery fast
YTS proxyVery fast
Sitenable.infoVery fast
YTS ProxyVery fast
http://www.yify-movies.net/Very fast

Use a VPN to access YTS.am

If you have a VPN, you can literally browse everything from your region. Doesn’t matter the govt blocked it in your country, or your ISP blocked it, you are ready to unblock any site.

I would suggest you buy a premium VPN for browsing torrent sites. There are some cons of using a free VPN or browser extensions. Let’s talk in detail.

Suppose you are using a browser extension to unblock Yify. You can easily use this to download torrent files from Yify. But, after that? You will have to use a torrent client to download content using the torrent files.

But browser extension works within the browser. When you are using a third-party software to download content, you are not secure anymore. Your ISP can easily monitor your activity.

Then, what’s the benefit of using a VPN? If your ISP can monitor your bandwidth?

Again, you may wish to use a free VPN for this purpose. But, you might be aware of the face that free VPN services aren’t that much secure, faster. And, they don’t have enough server locations. And, most probably they don’t offer torrenting.

So, go with any premium VPN. They have a wide range of server locations, military grade encryption and faster servers which offers torrenting. I will suggest you to always use a VPN while you are browsing any torrent site. Doesn’t matter if the site is the main site or the mirror site. Privacy is the number one priority.

Final words:

Enjoy unlimited high-quality movies with Yify torrents. And, don’t forget to share your experience with YTS. If your friends are also unable to access this wonderful site, then you can share this article with them.



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